University of Dundee

Three PIs elected to the RSE 2009

05 Mar 2009

Warm congratulations to Tom Own-Hughes, Tomo Tanaka and Tracy Palmer who were all elected Fellows of The Royal Society of Edinburgh this week (2 Mar 2009).

This is a great honour that reflects the outstanding research done by Tom, Tomo and Tracy in their respective fields and does great credit to them and to the College of Life Sciences.

Professor Irene Leigh, Head of The College of Medicine Dentistry and Nursing, and a long-time collaborator of CLS was also elected a Fellow of the RSE. 

Former and current Fellows of the RSE include Walter Scott, Charles Darwin, John Logie Baird, William Wordsworth, Niels Bohr, Francis Crick, Sir James Black, Sir Philip Cohen, Sir David Lane, Sir Paul Nurse, Lord (George) Robertson and Fred Sanger.

The RSE was founded in 1783 by Royal Charter for the “Advancement of Learning and Useful Knowledge”. It is Scotland’s National Academy of Science and Letters. Today it has around 1500 Fellows whose expertise encompasses the full spectrum of the sciences, medicine, engineering and technology, education, law, the arts, humanities, social sciences, business, industry, the professions and public service. This multi-disciplinary perspective makes the RSE unique amongst the United Kingdom’s learned societies. It is funded by a range of carefully selected charitable, public and private bodies. Its mission today is providing public benefit through the advancement of learning and useful knowledge.