University of Dundee

SULSA OMX structured illumination microscope facility launched at the CLS in Dundee

06 Mar 2009

An OMX structured-illumination microscope, one of only seven in the world,is now in site at the University of Dundee College of Life Sciences. The super-resolution microscope has been brought to Scotland by the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA), a strategic partnership between the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews and Strathclyde, and the Scottish Funding Council.

In designing the OMX, scientists have managed to manipulate light so it is focused into a non-uniform pattern on the specimen, a method known as structured illumination. Consequently, OMX can generate images with a resolution approximately twice that possible with a conventional light microscope.  This means that biological structures that were once indistinguishable from one another can now be identified as separate entities. Furthermore, the OMX is equipped with a piezoelectric stage and four extremely sensitive and fast cameras, enabling simultaneous multi-channel acquisition of up to 100 frames per second in live cell applications.
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The microscope is now operational and can be accessed by researchers at any Scottish University. SULSA technologist, Dr Emma King, will provide dedicated support for OMX users. For full contact details and to find out more about the capabilities of the OMX, please visit: or email