University of Dundee

BCDD provides the journal cover picture for February’s Special Issue of ChemMedChem on Rare and Neglected Diseases

21 Feb 2011

The cover for February’s issue of ChemMedChem was especially commissioned from the Fairlamb Lab and designed by Professor Alan Fairlamb, Head of the Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery at CLS. The issue which focuses on rare and neglected diseases highlights how better and safer drugs are required for neglected tropical diseases, such as malaria and the trypanosomatid diseases, human African trypanosomiasis, Chagas disease and leishmaniasis. These “diseases of poverty” are not economically viable for pharmaceutical companies to invest in at the early stage of drug discovery, making research conducted in an academic and nonprofit setting of particular importance in filling this critical gap.

The cover picture shows inhibitors of a drug target in malaria (dUTPase, upper right) and two enzyme targets common to the trypanosomatid diseases (trypanothione reductase, lower left; pteridine reductase 1, lower right). The cover also shows a transmission electron micrograph (upper left) of a late trophozoite stage of a malaria parasite (cyan) infecting an erythrocyte (magenta), and a scanning electron micrograph of a bloodstream form of the African trypanosome (bottom centre). For more details, see the Full Papers by Nicholas J. Westwood, Alan H. Fairlamb et al. (p. 321 ff), and Ian H. Gilbert et al. (p. 302 ff and p. 309 ff).

Cover Picture: Synthesis and Evaluation of Indatraline-Based Inhibitors for Trypanothione Reductase / Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei Pteridine Reductase 1 / Modified 5′-Trityl Nucleosides as Inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum dUTPase (ChemMedChem 2/2011)

Credits: Dr. Jeffrey G. A. Walton1,, Dr. Deuan C. Jones2,, Dr. Paula Kiuru1, Dr. Alastair J. Durie1, Dr. Nicholas J. Westwood1,*, Prof. Alan H. Fairlamb2,*, Daniel Spinks3, Dr. Han B. Ong3, Dr. Chidochangu P. Mpamhanga3, Dr. Emma J. Shanks3, Dr. David A. Robinson3, Iain T. Collie3, Dr. Kevin D. Read3, Prof. Julie A. Frearson3, Prof. Paul G. Wyatt3, Dr. Ruth Brenk3, Prof. Alan H. Fairlamb3, Prof. Ian H. Gilbert3,*, Dr. Gian Filippo Ruda5,, Dr. Corinne Nguyen5,, Dr. Przemysław Ziemkowski6, Dr. Krzysztof Felczak6,7, Dr. Ganasan Kasinathan5, Alexander Musso-Buendia8, Christian Sund9, Xiao Xiong Zhou9, Marcel Kaiser10, Prof. Luis M. Ruiz-Pérez8, Dr. Reto Brun10, Prof. Tadeusz Kulikowski6, Dr. Nils Gunnar Johansson9, Prof. Dolores González-Pacanowska8, Prof. Ian H. Gilbert4,5,*