University of Dundee

Molecular Parasitology

The College of Life Sciences has world-class research strengths in the biology of kinetoplastid parasites. Researchers are working to unravel their basic biology, understand phenomena such as antigenic variation, validate new drug targets, establish the mode of action of new and experimental drugs and elucidate mechanisms of drug resistance. We are looking for excellent postdoctoral candidates to work in the following related areas, either on on-going projects, or to help start up new research initiatives. Research groups participating in this theme are listed below.

Candidates are invited to express their interest by submitting a cover letter and CV as a single PDF file by email to indicating their choice of research theme and particular group of interest by 1st August 2014. For senior postdoctoral applicants with a particularly strong track record, the University will offer the possibility to create their own research group and will provide additional support to be negotiated. Candidates selected following this first round will be invited to jointly write a research proposal for the Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship scheme with assistance from the supervisor of the research group of interest.