University of Dundee

Work Experience

  • High school pupils undertake a plant sciences practical experiment in a greenhouse.
  • The 2019 work experience cohort with their completion certificates.
  • Three male high school students taking part in a DNA extraction experiment wearing lab coats and gloves.
  • High school pupils receive a talk from an academic at the University Cancer Research Centre.

Every year the School of Life Sciences hosts S5-6 students from local schools in order that school pupils may have an opportunity to investigate potential career opportunities before moving into further education. Placements are also provided through the Nuffield Research Placements scheme. 

This year we will be hosting our Work Experience Week online. The week (July 26 - 30 2021) will run online and will cover a wide range of experiences, including careers stories from students and researchers, scientific experiments and data analysis activities, workshops on animals in research and science in the media, and small group sessions with researchers and other pupils.

You can apply through the following link:

Applications close on Saturday, June 26th.

Support is available for pupils who lack internet access or a device with which to participate.

A sample schedule of the week can be found here: Work Experience Week draft programme