University of Dundee

Start-ups & Spin-outs

We have a successful record in launching spin-out companies which has helped drive the establishment of a Tayside biotechnology industry.

  • Developing oral therapies that target the various phases of cell cycle control for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.

  • DC Biosciences Ltd provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with proteomics services to accelerate the development of safer drugs.

  • exscientia's goal is to revolutionize productivity by the use of data analytics and machine learning in drug design and pharmacogenomics.

  • Design and production of software and data storage solutions for biological imaging. Glencoe Software is the commercial arm of the Open Microscopy Environment, a community-led, open source data specification and software development consortium.

  • GlycoBioChem aims to provide reagents and services to enable O-GlcNAc research.

  • Antibodies for Signal Transduction Research.

  • Offers drug discovery services as hit identification, confirmation and validation.

  • Founded by Professor Angus Lamond and Rob Kent, Platimum Informatics looks to maximise the efficiency and productivity of the modern workplace by enabling access to Big Data Technology. 

  • Enables and supports ubiquitin system focused drug discovery by developing novel compounds targeted towards ubiquitin system proteins as well providing access to a suite of comprehensive research services and reagents.