the Kulathu lab

Ubiquitin Signalling Mechanisms


Welcome to the Kulathu Lab at the University of Dundee


The scientific goal of my lab is to understand how cellular signal transduction is regulated by the ubiquitin system. In our research we use a multidisciplinary approach with techniques ranging from biochemistry, structural biology and proteomics to studies in model organisms to gain mechanistic and functional insights into ubiquitin signalling in health and disease.


The two main biological questions we address are:

1. How is protein homeostasis maintained by the ubiquitin system?


2. How are T lymphocyte biology and adaptive immune responses regulated by ubiquitin signalling networks?


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Recent Lab News




Yosua, the first PhD student in the lab submits his PhD thesis. Congrats Yosua! He will be defending his thesis in March.


EMBO Reports paper describing how a single MIU motif in MINDY-1 binds in a linkage-specific manner to K48 chains is out now. Read it here


Joshua Peters joins the lab for his PhD. Joshua did his master's research using single molecule approaches to study conformational dynamics of molecular machines. Welcome Joshua.