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1. SWI/SNF Sliding

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These files summarise our SWI/SNF sliding experiements as presented at several meetings during spring-summer 1999 and published in our recent Nature paper.

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swislide.pdf (207kb)

A 3 page PDF file adapted from posters shown at four meetings and conferences.

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2. Animation of trans displacement

dinucleosome formation

This animation demonstrate a hypothesis for how trans displacemnent of histone octamers on DNA could occur. It accounts for the dinucleosomal intermediate previously observed by several groups,as diagrammed above.

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3. Quicktime movies of sliding

These movies were made to clarify the two most probable mechanisms by which nucleosome sliding can occur. We are working on versions to illustrate the way in which the motions could be generated.

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Bulge transiting nucleosome