Alumni Staff

Daniel Ryan

Arrived from the lab of Jacqui Matthews in Sydney. No too keen on Scottish weather so has managed to pack in a fair amount of travel to escape it.

After 4 years the weather proved too much and Daniel has returned to Aus to join the Tremethick lab in Canberra.

Ext: 5806

Andrew Bowman

There are few things more frightening than the sight of Andy on the rampage with an axe. He is encouraged to participate in a range of activities including Ice climbing, paragliding, night running, and cross dressing to help distract him from armed combat.

Andrew has joined the group of Andreas Ladurner in Munich.


Salma Mahmoud

Salma came to Dundee to study for a PhD from  UAE with Ahmed Al-Marzouqi.

After graduating she has gone to work as a postdoctoral fellow at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSHRC) studying gene regulation in heart diseases.


Andrew Flaus

Andrew arrived from Zurich where he had studied for his PhD with Tim Richmond in 1999. After more years than he would like to admit to he has set up is own lab in Galway

Andrew is to date the only postdoc to have escaped from the TOH lab!

Publications arising from his work in Dundee are listed below.

Iestyn Whitehouse

Iestyn arrived from Lancaster. Memory of his time in Dundee is a little blurry like the photo! Iestyn was first in and first out. He moved on to work with Toshi Tsukiyama in Seattle. Iestyn now has his own lab at Sloan Kettering.

Kristina M Havas

Kristina came to Dundee from Penn State University. On leaving Dundee she has worked for Julia Cooper, and Joan Boyes. She is currently at the University of Chieti working in the lab of Saverio Alberti.

Michael Bruno

Michael (the carrier) Joined the lab from Glasgow. He has since worked for Anna Marie Pyle and Patrick Sung. He is currently working in Michael Snyders lab which has recently relocated to Stanford.

Christopher J Stockdale

Chris was an undergraduate in Nottingham. Greatly missed, not least because had an amazing memory for scientific literature. He joined the lab of Richard McCulloch in Glasgow and is currently taking up a career as a Clinical Biochemist.

Helder C Ferreira

Helder was as serious about cooking as he was about science. Trained to a high level in Portugal, he left to join Susan Gassers Lab in Basel.

Maik Engeholm

Maik arrived to start his PhD as a qualified medic. After 4 years lab work he is somewhat alarmingly practicing again in Tubigen.

Joanna Somers

Pictured here on a lab trip to the climbing wall, Jo's first hobby was castles. She currently works in Kevin Ryans Lab.

Chantal Rencurel

Once apon a time the lab was organised. Unfortunately, Chantal has moved on to a lab in Basel.

Ryan Webster

Ryan is great compan... until he steps on a football pitch! He now works for Arno in Dundee.


Bubba grew to her full potential while in the lab. She makes regular return visits.