Opportunities / Events

The Division of Gene Regulation and Expression now consists of 11 research groups recruited from leading institutions worldwide.

There are opportunities available to work with us at different levels. Undergraduates can apply for a placement via the GRE Summer Programme.

Prospective PhD students can apply either to the PhD programme within the Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression to enter directly into a research project, or via the Wellcome Trust programme which affords the opportunity for rotation projects in different laboratories during the first year.

The TOH lab is currently keen to recruit postdoctoral researchers with strong track records. Expertise in the area of biophysics and bioinformatics is of special interest. Although at present we do not have funding for postdoctoral positions, applicants able to apply for fellowship support should send a CV and covering letter to t.a.owenhughes@dundee.ac.uk.

For all the latest seminars taking place within the division and the College of Life Science click here. For all the latest news and events within the division, click here.

Latest from the lab




If only chromatin remodelling was this easy!




23/04/16 Congratulations Ross!



Mystery job applicant sends CV in form of 500 mg purified histone H4!

8/09 Andy and Daniel's leaving party.

After much thought we went Canyoning at falls of Bruar. Some pictures to follow maybe?


Lab surfing trip to the Moray coast. This years theme was fire!

5/6 Airport encounter!



13/3 Climbing
Andy and Sabine take Tom for a climb in the Caringorms. As it snowed all day getting the car back on the A9 was not trivial.

8/3 Salma receiving some lovely mementos of Dundee and Scottish culture!

21/2 Dr Mahmoud
Congratulations to Salma Mahmoud for passing her viva! Salma is now leaving the lab and the UK to start her next job. She will be sorely missed.

7/1 Dr Bowman.
Congratulations to Andrew Bowman for passing his viva! 3rd time lucky!


31/8 Taking the boss for a ride.
Trias took Tom for a first flight on a tandem paraglider. Afterwards Tom explained "Paragliding is a sport that has interested me and I was keen to give it a try. However, within seconds of taking off we were several hundred feet off the ground, then Trias found a thermal that took us up to 2400 feet. I had not sat on the seat correctly and found myself too terrified to adjust my position. After the effort Trias made to take me out I'm a little ashamed about my inability to cope with the exposure. At the same time, if I could find a way around this I would go again. The ability to defy gravity and glide through the sky is breathtaking. It's an experience I'll never forget, but feet back on the ground for now!" Watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O46R4lBwz-E

3/9 Zombies attack lab BBQ
A pleasant evening BBQ was disrupted by a Zombie attack last night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aNaSq1TJ0w.

14/9 TOH lab takes science to pre-schoolers
Elisa and Tom went along to The Ark nursery in Dundee's city centre with an amazing science demonstration looking at solids, liquids and gases!


18/9 Doors Open Day
The TOH lab had a great time showing members of the general public protein purification techniques.

17/9 Tom in Ireland
Tom is just back from a visit to Andrew Flaus's lab in Galway. He was very impressed by the consumption of Rum and Lime at morning coffee (see photo). Andrew's lab is up and running and Tom was shown what is probably the largest collection of recombinant histones in the world.

October TOH lab member wins International Paragliding competition
Congratulations to Triantafyllos Gkikopoulos who won the an international paragliding event in Turkey. He plans to use his cash prize to buy a new glider. Well done Trias!

31/10 TOH lab do Dodgeball.
The TOH lab managed to make up the best part of two teams in the first Interdivisional Dodgeball Competition held at the College of Life Sciences. We did pretty well and ended up 4th. Only one major injury and some bruising occurred. Tom's attempt to introduce wrestling did spice things up for a while!

9/11 New Arrival for TOH lab.
The newest addition to the TOH lab arrived a little earlier than expected. Welcome to the world, Findley Patrick Ryan!

26/11 Dr Dickerson
Congratulations to David Dickerson for surviving not only his PhD viva but the celebrations that accompanied it!