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Lab Xmas lunch 2012!!



Most current lab photo!! Strange no?

John got married to Emily (honorary member)! 16th June 2012

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Portugal day was attended by most of the lab:10th June 2012!

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Xmas party in the Rep theatre restaurant in Dundee. See some embarrasing photos in the photo albums!

Rocha Retreat 08 took place on the 17th September, in Dunkeld Scotland. Click here for photos. The day was a real success with us all having a lot of fun, with some science on the side. Argo Cat driving was a lot of fun, each of us taking turns to drive and pummel the rest of us in the back. Quite a ride. Finally we finished the day, heading back to Dundee to clean up, before heading the the Thai restrauant in Dundee. A great day, thanks to Sonia and Niall for writing the review that funded all our activities.

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Slacklining at the GRE BBQ