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Andrew Melvin

I have joined the Rocha Lab on the Wellcome Trust 4yr PhD programme. My PhD involved investigating the role of chromatin remodeling in the cellular response to hypoxia. So far my years in Dundee have been excellent, it is a very exciting place for research with amazing facilities but most importantly a very social and friendly community. I have decided to stay in the Rocha lab for an additional year on part-time basis, while I have started my Medical Degree.


In 2001 I attended the United World College in New Mexico, where I obtained the International Baccalaureat (IB). From there I came to Scotland and graduated from St Andrews in 2008 with a degree in Biology and Economics. In 2008 I came over the Tay river to Dundee on the Wellcome PhD programme.


I love outdoors and spend most of my free time rock climbing, ice climbing (when it is cold enough), scuba diving and anything outdoors.


Contact me:
+44 (0)1832 386298