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Ex Lab members

John Biddlestone

I joined the Rocha lab as the first Dundee Cancer Centre, Cancer Research UK Clinical Research Fellow in September 2011. I am interested in the role of the HIF system in cellular migration; specifically the mechanisms by which cancer cells move in response to hypoxia and progenitor stem cells home to sites of hypoxic injury.


I trained in Cambridge and qualified as a doctor in 2007. I completed my basic surgical training in England and move to Scotland to focus my higher surgical training in Plastic Surgery. As un undergraduate I was fascinated by the biology of disease but thought I would never get a change to pursue this further. My clinical fellowship allows me to focus on fundamental scientific research that is relevant to my field while continuing to train in Plastic Surgery.


Outside of the lab I enjoy spending time with my wife Emily and baby son John. I like go-karting, football, squash and cooking.