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Alena Shmakova

I am originally from Barnaul (Russia), a small town in the middle of the Siberian steppe near the border with Kazakhstan. My interest in the molecular level of biology of living organisms led me all the way from Siberia to Scotland, to study the impact of hypoxia in key biolgical processes, conducted in the Rocha lab.

I received my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Chemistry from Novosibirsk State University, with specialisation in Environmental Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Then I moved to Scotland to do a MSc in Drug Discovery and Translational Biology at the University of Edinburgh. Eventually, I came to Dundee to start the 4 years Wellcome Trust PhD Programme. During the first year, I am doing three 10-weeks projects in different labs, and I chose the Rocha lab for my third rotation. In September 2013, I joined the Rocha and Owen-Hughes labs for my PhD studies. I stayed on for a few more months as a PostDoc to finish some of the work. Currently, I am a Postdoc in Edinburgh University.