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Investigating gene regulation during hypoxia at the University of Dundee

The Rocha Lab is now mainly funded by Cancer Research UK

Our latest article on the HIF-1/NF-kappaB crosstalk makes the cover!! See here !

Sonia is now a Professor!

- Latest Publications

-->KDM2 family members are regulated by HIF-1 in hypoxia.

-->Potent and selective chemical probe of hypoxic signalling downstream of HIF-alpha hydroxylation via VHL inhibition.

-->Hypoxia Induced NF-kappaB

-->CDK dependent phosphorylation of PHD1 on Serine 130 alters its substrate preference in cells.

-->NF-kappaB and HIF crosstalk in immune responses.

-->Cezanne regulated E2F1-dependent HIF-2alpha expression.

-->Dose dependent effects of Allopurinol on human foreskin fibroblast cell and human umbilical vein endothelial cells under hypoxia.

-->The role of Hypoxia in Inflammatory disease.

--> HIF-1alpha restricts NF-kappaB dependent gene expression to control innate immunity signals.