Public lectures & other activities

Other things we do…

Scientific career pathways project Contribution to a series of career profiles of women in science, to be launched Dundee 2014

Working with Brazilian television CAPES graduate student Adriana Amorin Torres explained her work for Brazilian TV 2013

Portraits of women in science Photographic exhibition by Janice Aitken, Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art and Design 2013

Public engagement talk (chaired by John Tusa) Wellcome Trust 75th Anniversary celebrations, London 2011.

Scientists interacting with the media Generic Skills lectures for University of Dundee, since 2009 …

Doors Open Day Held annually in the College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee. Lab members lead by post-doctoral fellow Raman Das showcase their work for the general public.

Stem Cells, in dishes, in our brains and in cancer - Christmas Lectures, University of Dundee, for secondary school pupils, 2008

"Hope not Hype" Stem Cell public awareness campaign: Marios Stavridis, post-doctoral fellow in the Storey laboratory, a public talk and question and answer session to launch the "Joint Research Councils Exhibition" on stem cell research, Dundee 2007.

Science Master-Classes: "How the embryo knows its head from its tail" for secondary school children funded by Royal Society of Edinburgh, jointly with Professor Cheryll Tickle, University of Dundee, 2001- 2004.

“On Women in Sciencepublic lectures for Dundee Women's Festival, 2003.

“Science/Art projects for communicating Science: a Scientist's Perspective” public lecture, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 2003.

"Making Differences" a Science Year Lecture on embryonic development for young people, Dundee, 2002

Children's Christmas Lectures: Natural History Museum, Oxford 1999

Film making with the Open University/BBC: Time-lapse imaging for Human Biology course, Oxford 1986.