The Blow Lab:

Cell Cycle Proteomics

Many proteins involved in protecting and precisely propagating the genome are directly recruited to chromatin and chromosomes. Although many proteins involved in these processes are known, many more are likely to be involved. We have developed technology for proteomic analysis of chromatin in defined cell cycle states using Xenopus extracts. We are using this methodology to identify novel chromatin components which we have shown play critical roles in cell cycle progression. We are investigating proteins that are specifically recruited to chromatin in certain cell cycle states, including proteins induced by specific cell cycle inhibitors, DNA damaging agents and by chemotherapeutic drugs. For a selection of interesting proteins, we will perform functional studies to determine their contribution to the maintenance of genomic integrity, using both Xenopus extracts and human tissue culture cells. Some of the new proteins that we identify may be lost in cancer cells, and have potential as diagnostic/prognostic markers or as targets for novel anti-cancer treatments.

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