The Blow Lab:

CR-UK Chromosome Replication Research Group

Julia Neusiedler


Tel: (+44)-1382-385833

Fax: (+44)-1382-388072


Neusiedler J, Mocquet V, Limousin T, Ohlmann T, Morris C, Jalinot P. (2012). INT6 interacts with MIF4GD/SLIP1 and is necessary for efficient histone mRNA translation. RNA 18, 1163-77

Mocquet V, Neusiedler J, Rende F, Cluet D, Robin JP, Terme JM, Duc Dodon M, Wittmann J, Morris C, Le Hir H, Ciminale V, Jalinot P. (2012). The HTLV-1 Tax Protein Inhibits Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay by Interacting with INT6/EIF3E and UPF1. J Virol. 86, 7530-43

Gillespie, P.J., Neusiedler, J., Creavin, K. and Blow, J.J. (2015). Cell cycle synchronization in Xenopus egg extracts. Cell Cycle Oscillators, chapter 6 in Methods Mol Biol 1342, 101-147.