The Blow Lab:

CR-UK Chromosome Replication Research Group

Emma Haagensen


Tel: (+44)-1382-385833

Fax: (+44)-1382-388072


Haagensen EJ, Kyle S, Beale GS, Maxwell RJ, Newell DR (2012). The synergistic interaction of MEK and PI3K inhibitors is modulated by mTOR inhibition. Br J Cancer 106:1386-94.

Galanos, P., Vougas, K., Walter, D., Polyzos, A., Maya-Mendoza, A., Haagensen, E.J., Kokkalis, A., Roumelioti, F-M., Gagos, S., Tzetis, M., Canovas, B., Igea, A., Ahuja,  A.K., Zellweger, R., Havaki, S., Kanavakis, E., Kletsas, D., Roninson, I., Garbis, S.D., Lopes, M., Nebreda, A., Thanos, D., Blow, J.J., Townsend, P., Sørensen, C.S., Bartek, J., Gorgoulis, V.G. (2016). Chronic p53-independent p21 expression deregulates replication licensing, leading to genomic instability. Nat Cell Biol, 18:777-89.

Moreno, A., Carrington, J.T.,  Albergante, L., Al Mamum, M., Haagensen, E.J., Komseli, E.-S., Gourgolis, V.G., Newman, T.J. and Blow, J.J. (2016). Unreplicated DNA remaining from unperturbed S phases passes through mitosis for resolution in daughter cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, in press.