The Blow Lab:

CR-UK Chromosome Replication Research Group

Alan Score

Lab Manager

Tel: (+44)-1382-385798

Fax: (+44)-1382-388072


Oehlmann, M., Score, A.J. and Blow, J.J. (2004). The role of Cdc6 in ensuring complete genome licensing and S phase checkpoint activation. J. Cell Biol. 165, 181–190.

Kundu, L.R., Seki, M., Watanabe, N., Murofushi, H., Furukohri, A., Waga, S., Score, A.J., Blow, J.J., Horikoshi, M., Enomoto, T. and Tada, S. (2011). Biphasic chromatin binding of histone chaperone FACT during eukaryotic chromatin DNA replication. BBA-Molecular Cell Res. in press.