Researchers in Kim Dale's lab investigate the process of embryogenesis; the process of turning an undifferentiated collection of cells into a correctly patterned organism.

One major interest in the lab is to investigate the molecular basis underlying the formation of body segments, a process called somitogenesis. Our research has shed light on the mechanisms by which the rate of segmentation is regulated. More info...

A second major research direction is the molecular basis underlying cell fate specification within the self renewing stem-like cells of the early vertebrate embryo. Within that context we have been investigating the role of different signalling pathways in biasing cell fate choice within the stem cells of the embryonic organiser. More info...

We are proud to be part of the College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee.

We are an active group with several PhD students and we closely colaborate with Philip Murray.

Recent lab news

07/09/2015: Two papers by Kim Dale reveal important roles for Notch in embryo development.

03/07/2015: The webpage has been modified and updated.

30/06/2015: An article describing a novel interaction between Notch and Shh signalling in the neural tube has just been published in and selected as cover of Development

Dr. Kim Dale lab