Journal Club


                         Ciulli Group Journal Club
Targeted Protein Degradation and other literature highlights

Spearheaded by Siying Zhong, now led and coordinated by Charlotte Crowe 


With the Journal Club we aim to create a valuable resource for the wider scientific community to allow researchers in the field to keep up to date with TPD literature and share exciting research in chemical biology, structural biology, medicinal chemistry, and beyond.​

Our missions with the Journal Club are to: ​

  • help search for new TPD and other interesting literature on a monthly basis
  • provide a platform to summarize and critically appraise key publications ​
  • train on developing editing skills, proofreading, formatting​
  • exercise leadership and teamwork skills 

We hope you enjoy reading it! Do stay tuned for ever new Issues appearing every month of the year except December.




April 2020                                              May 2020                                           June 2020
Eds: Siying & Will                                  Eds: Aileen & Alessio                          Eds: Adam & Claire



July 2020                                               August 2020                                      September 2020
Eds: Nicole, Ryan & Siying                    Eds: Angus & Sarath                          Eds: Conner, Ollie & Tasuku



October 2020                                         November 2020
Eds: Nikolai, Ross & Vesna                   Eds: David, Emelyne & Will




January 2021                                         February 2021                                      March 2021
Eds: Adam, Angus & Conner                 Eds: Charlotte, Ryan & Sarath               Eds: Aileen, Claire & Kevin



April 2021                                               May 2021                                              July 2021
Eds: Andre, Claudia & Nicole                 Eds: Ollie, Tom & Xingui                       Eds: Jeff, Selma & Suzanne



August 2021                                            September 2021
Eds: Jack, Ross & Zoe                             Eds: David, Sarah & Tasuku