Funding Opportunities

I am pleased to consider applications from talented and motivated scientists to join our laboratory in the School of Life Sciences of the University of Dundee. Our work is highly interdisciplinary, combining chemical biology, medicinal chemistry and drug design, with structural biology and cell biology, so we welcome applications from a variety of backgrounds. Interested candidates should contact Alessio Ciulli (email: a.ciulli@dundee.ac.uk), and include a CV and contact details for two professional referees.

Available Openings

(New - October 2020!)

We have openings available immediately for postdoctoral scientists in the group to boost our efforts in targeted protein degradation and PROTAC design and drug discovery, under the auspices of our new Protein Degradation Centre. Interested candidates should contact directly Alessio Ciulli (email: a.ciulli@dundee.ac.uk)