PROTACs go macrocyclic: Check our latest paper published in Angewandte

  • ToC graphics
  • Figure 1. Structure‐based design of macrocyclic PROTAC 1.
  • Scheme 1. Synthesis of trifunctional linker 13.
  • Scheme 2. Macrolactamization and completion of the synthesis of macroPROTAC‐1.
  • Figure 2. Binding affinity and cooperativity of ternary complex formation.
  • Figure 3. Crystal structure of ternary complex VHL:1:Brd4BD2.
  • Figure 4. Cellular activity of macroPROTAC‐1.

Closing the circle: A macrocyclic PROTAC has been designed and synthesized by adding a cyclizing linker to MZ1, a PROTAC targeting the bromodomain of the BET protein, Brd4. A co‐crystal structure of macroPROTAC‐1 bound in a ternary complex with E3 ligase VHL and the second bromodomain of Brd4 validated the rational design. This macrocyclization strategy enhanced the target specificity and cellular activity of the PROTAC.

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