Tasuku Ishida

Staff Position: 
Visiting Postdoctoral Scientist
M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science (2002), The University of Tokyo
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science (2005), The University of Tokyo

Tasuku completed his M.S.(2002) and Ph.D.(2005) at the University of Tokyo supervised by Prof. Shu Kobayashi. After obtained Ph.D. degree, he joined Eisai Co,. Ltd. as a medicinal chemist, developing new chemical entities in neuroscience area. In 2011, Eisai established a new subsidiary, H3 Biomedicine Inc. in Massachusetts, US, and he was assigned there as a senior investigator to construct diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) library. After coming back to Japan in 2015, he joined Oncology Business Group as a senior scientist to develop novel cancer therapies. In his spare time, he enjoys travel (20 countries to date), cycling, and personal computers.