• Scientists led by a group at the College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee have made a significant discovery about how our cells properly inherit their genetic information.

  • The College of Life Sciences is delighted to announce that this year’s CLS Innovator of the Year title has been awarded to the Open Microscopy Environment team - Will Moore, Petr Walczysko, Gus Ferguson and Jean-Marie Burel - for their development of the new application, OMERO.figure.

  • Congratulations to Adam Ciesiolka of the Zomerdijk group for his successful PhD viva, "A proteomic analysis of the dynamic RNA polymerase I complexes," on 3rd February 2015.

  • The February 2015 edition of Disease Models and Mechanisms will feature a cover image from Daniel Bandarra’s paper “HIF-1α restricts NF-κB-dependent gene expression to control innate immunity signals.” The work, a collaboration between the Rocha group and Arno Müller of the Division of

  • Congratulations to Kathryn Kirkwood of the Lamond group for successfully defending her PhD thesis, "Analysis of Human Protein Complexes by Quantitative Mass Spectrometry," on 11th December 2014.

  • Daniel Bandarra (Rocha lab) took the prize for best PhD talk at the Second European NF-kappaB Subunit Workshop, held in Pitlochry this October, for "HIF-1alpha restricts NF-kappaB dependent gene expression to control innate immunity signals".

  • Congratulations to John Biddlestone, of the Rocha lab, for successfully defending his PhD thesis, “Role of Fam60a in the regulation of HIF-2α and determination of stem cell fate,” on Friday 31st October 2014.

  • Congratulations to Daniel Bandarra in Sonia Rocha’s lab for successfully defending his PhD thesis, entitled “Role of the NF-kappaB-HIF Crosstalk in Inflammation-Mediated Tumour Progression,” on Wednesday 15th October 2014.

  • Congratulations to Debbie McIntosh in Julian Blow’s lab for successfully defending her PhD thesis, entitled “An investigation into the regulation of replication factories and dormant origins in human cells,” on Tuesday 14th October 2014.

  • Dr Victoria Cowling, of the College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee, has been awarded the inaugural Women in Cell Biology Early Career Award Medal by the British Society for Cell Biology.