University of Dundee

DNA Sequencing

The facility was established in 1999 and offers a range of services using the latest cutting edge technologies. The facility, managed by Dr Nicholas Helps, offers its services to the School of Life Sciences and to external customers. The team of five technical staff have over the years developed expertise, know-how and a reputation for high quality products. The facility provides customer assistance and extensive trouble-shooting advice.

The facility has three Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA sequencers that between them can process over 3,400 DNA sequencing samples per day. Qiagen Bio-Robots are used to automate bacterial plasmid DNA mini-preps. Recent innovations in the facility include a modified DNA sequencing post-reaction clean-up protocol that results in better consistency across samples and a reduction in the amount of template DNA required. Additionally, modifications to the way that DNA sequencing data is processed following the sample being run on the genetic analyser now results in extended read lengths for most samples, with reads of up to 1300 bases typically returned within 24 hours from sample receipt. Primer walking and larger scale DNA sequencing projects are also provided. The facility also runs genotyping (fragment size analysis) samples of various types and offers other services such as bacterial plasmid DNA mini-prepping (using the robot workstations) and plasmid DNA maxi-prepping.

For more information, please visit the DNA Sequencing & Services website.