University of Dundee

Central Technical Service - Media Prep Unit

The media preparation team keep stocks of commonly used growth media, buffers and other chemical solutions. They also make insect food as well as custom plates and broths to order (e.g. drop-out media). Please see this list of examples.  Where possible we will make/source other growth media (this will depend on resources, e.g. staff time and availability of ingredients), please contact us to discuss preparation of specialist items.

Ordering is easy using our order form which must be sent by email to

While we endeavor to supply items as quickly as possible, please allow 2 working days for delivery (this may be extended at busy periods).


Sterile water is available to take freely from the shelves outside the Media Unit on MSI/WTB Link 2.

  • ELIX = Millipore Elix type 2 demineralised pure water.
  • MQ  = Millipore Milli-Q type 1 ultra pure water (typically 18.2 MΩ·cm at 25 °C).

Sterilisation of Reagents/Solutions/Buffers

  • If you make up your own reagents/solutions/biffers and would like them sterilised then please put them in a blue box labelled "ITEMS FOR STERILISATION".
  • Please allow 48 hrs for these items to be returned to you.
  • We do not autoclave any reagents/solutions/buffers that contain detergent.