University of Dundee

Central Technical Service

The Central Technical Service (CTS) provides disinfection and sterilization services for laboratory materials as well as providing cleaning services to Cat. 2 labs and Tissue Culture suites.

We provide biological growth media to the whole School of Life Sciences including Research and Teaching at the City Campus and at the James Hutton Institute, as well as to other Schools on request.

Please note information highlighted in green  on our webpages in support of the School Energy Plan.

Who are we?

The CTS comprises five teams;

  Location Contact
Biohazard Waste JBC   GL1-208 ext 86205
Glassware Wash-up WTB    2L3-113 ext 85683
Media Preparation WTB    2L3-111 ext 81058
Sterile Supplies JBC   GL1-207 ext 86204
Tissue Culture & Cat 2 Cleaning JBC   GL1-205 ext 86204

Email contact

Manager Ryan Webster ext 84255
Deputy Manager Fiona Wheatley ext 85861

Where are we?

The Media Preparation and Wash-up Units are situated in the MSI building on floor 2 (MSI/WTB Link 2), along with the management offices. The MSI building is number 21 on the City Campus map. The Sterile Supplies and Biohazard Waste Units are situated in the Sir James Black Centre basement. The TC team also works from the units in JBC basement (no. 23 on the City Campus map).