University of Dundee

‘New players and regulation mechanisms in Toxoplasma virulence: insights from CRISPR screening and phosphoproteomics’

Event Date: 
Monday, July 29, 2019 - 09:45
Event Location: 
School of Life Sciences, MSI Small Lecture Theatre
Professor Dario Alessi FRS FRSE FMedSci
Event Speaker: 
Dr Joanna Young
The Francis Crick Institute
Event Type: 
MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Spotlight Seminar


Joanna Young is currently working at the Francis Crick Institute as a senior postdoctoral fellow on work on host-pathogen interactions with a focus on kinase signalling, in the laboratory of Moritz Crick. 


During her PhD she discovered that pathogenic E coli were modifying and inhibiting Src family kinases, leading to disruption of phagocytosis. For my postdoctoral research Joanna has been studying secreted proteins during Toxoplasma gondii parasite infection, which secretes an array of kinases that are essential for host manipulation and parasite survival. Joanna will talk about her work comparing the phosphoproteome of acute and chronic stage parasites that reveals that there is differential phosphorylation of secreted proteins between different stages of infection.


Joanna is looking to establish a lab studying the chronic stage of Toxoplasma infection, where the parasite from cysts in the brain and how this might be regulated by protein phosphorylation. Several secreted kinases have been shown to be required for this, but the signalling is unknown. Joanna’s hypothesis is that parasite secreted proteins contribute to establishing a chronic infection. She aims is to identify secreted proteins and kinase signalling that is required for the parasite to survive and form cysts.




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