University of Dundee

"Arbuscular mycorrhiza development"

Event Date: 
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:00
Event Location: 
New Seminar Room,James Hutton Institute Errol Road, Invergowrie, DD2 5DA
Dr Davide Bulgarelli
Event Speaker: 
Dr Caroline Gutjahr
LMU Munich
Event Type: 
All Welcome
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Abuscular mycorrhiza symbiosis between plants and fungi of the glomeromycota improves plant performance because the fungi deliver mineral nutrients to their hosts. Root colonization by the fungi involves distinct and genetically separable developmental steps that are largely under plant control. These steps include drastic plant cell rearrangements that precede differentiation of fungal hyphae into particular shapes inside these plant cells. We are interested in the plant molecular mechanisms required for initiation of AM symbiosis and for the formation of arbuscules inside root cortex cells. Arbuscules are highly branched fungal structures that release the mineral mineral nutrients to the host. My presentation will focus on the role of plant hormone signaling components during arbuscular mycorrhiza development and their interaction with symbiosis signaling.