University of Dundee

Key School Contacts

Dean of School: Professor Julian Blow

PA: Claire Kadoch

Acting Associate Dean, Research: Professor Claire Halpin

PA: Gayle Gray

Associate Dean, Professional Culture: Professor Inke Nathke

PA: Nikoletta Patrougia

Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching: Dr Nick Brewer


Associate Dean, Quality & Academic Standards: Professor Jenny Woof


Associate Dean, International:  Professor Kim Dale

Undergraduate, International and Business Development Executive Support: TBC 

Head of Postgraduate Studies: Professor Carol MacKintosh

Academic Lead for Public Engagement: Professor Nicola Stanley-Wall

Public Engagement Enquiries: Communications Secretary on

Academic Lead for Research Strategy: Professor Mike Ferguson

PA: Karen Pope

School Manager:  Maggie Ogston

PA: Sara Salvaterra


School Human Resources Officer: Wendy Marlow

School Human Resources team page

School Accountant: Christeen Copland

School Finance Office: Sheena Carstairs

Research Postgraduate Administration: Gail Guild

Life Sciences Public Engagement and Communications Officer: Amy Cameron

Research Support and Development Officer: Dr. Louise Stanley  & Dianne Peden

Research Strategy and Development Officer: Morag Martin

Research Administration Lead: Zoe Hirons

Research School Laboratory Services Manager: Letty Gibson

Health & Safety Information Officer: Lisa Grayson Dr. Tracey Norris 

School Grants Officer: Aileen Ward

Stores Manager: Donald Gardiner

Workshops:  Doug Robertson

Central Technical Services: Ryan Webster


D'Arcy Thompson Unit

Operations Manager: Angie Nicoll

Head of Administration: Arlene Stewart

Learning & Teaching School Laboratory Services Manager: Monica Lacey