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The University of Dundee is one of the leading universities in Europe for research in Life Sciences. In the most recent UK-wide assessment of research quality in UK higher education institutions – REF2014 –Dundee was ranked the top University in Biological Sciences. More recent rankings widely recognized as indicators of scientific excellence place Dundee high in their rankings. The 2017 QS World University Rankings in Biological Sciences place Dundee 5th in the UK, 8th in Europe and 39th in the World as judged by ‘citations-per-paper’, one of the most widely recognized metrics of scientific excellence. This year’s ‘The State of Innovation’ report by Clarivate Analytics ranks Dundee as the most influential scientific research institution in the world for pharmaceuticals for the period 2006-16. The School enjoys a reputation as one of the most dynamic international centres for molecular cell biology, with outstanding laboratory and technology facilities.

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Societal Impact

Our researchers are committed to ensuring that government policy and international development initiatives, as well as commercial and public interest, applies our research and institutional expertise to safeguard global food security, sustainable energy, technological innovation and economic growth.

Cell Biology and Immunology 2010

Cao, H. and Crocker, P. R. (2010) Evolution of CD33-related siglecs: regulating host immune functions and escaping pathogen exploitation? Immunology, 132, 18-26.

Chen, W. C., Completo, G. C., Sigal, D. S., Crocker, P. R., Saven, A. and Paulson, J. C. (2010) In vivo targeting of B-cell lymphoma with glycan ligands of CD22. Blood, 115, 4778-4786.

Cowling, V. H. (2010) Enhanced mRNA cap methylation increases cyclin D1 expression and promotes cell transformation. Oncogene, 29, 930-936.

Colombia-ICETEX PhD Programme

ICETEX is the Spanish acronym for the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (Instituto Colombiano de Credito Educativo y Estudios Tecnicos en el Exterior). The School of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee is offering two highly competitive places on its 4-year PhD Programme to Colombian students under this scheme.

Public Engagement

Sharing and explaining our science has always been recognised as an integral part of the remit and responsibility of all our scientists. We are keen to communicate our passion for scientific research to members of the public, to people of all ages and from all educational backgrounds.