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The University of Dundee is one of the leading universities in Europe for research in Life Sciences. In the most recent UK-wide assessment of research quality in UK higher education institutions – REF2014 –Dundee was ranked the top University in Biological Sciences. More recent rankings widely recognized as indicators of scientific excellence place Dundee high in their rankings. The 2017 QS World University Rankings in Biological Sciences place Dundee 5th in the UK, 8th in Europe and 39th in the World as judged by ‘citations-per-paper’, one of the most widely recognized metrics of scientific excellence. This year’s ‘The State of Innovation’ report by Clarivate Analytics ranks Dundee as the most influential scientific research institution in the world for pharmaceuticals for the period 2006-16. The School enjoys a reputation as one of the most dynamic international centres for molecular cell biology, with outstanding laboratory and technology facilities.

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Technical Assistant

Wash Up Facility

A technical assistant is required to work in the Wash Up Facility within the College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee.

This facility supports the varied research undertaken in the College and the requirements of the post includes the routine collection of glassware to be washed and sterilized, collection and processing of waste from the research labs and cleaning and maintenance of tissue culture suites.

Autoclaves, sterilizing ovens and glass washers are used in the post and full training will be given.


Applications are invited from individuals interested in joining a small team caring for animals. A responsible and caring attitude to animal welfare will therefore be essential. You will have experience in all aspects of husbandry including the breeding and maintenance of transgenic rodents. You will have the ability to work as part of a team but also to assist the facility manager in the day-to-day running of the unit and to act as their deputy in their absence.

Nucleic Acid Structure Research Group

The work of the group centres on the structural, dynamic and chemical properties of nucleic acids, and their recognition by and interactions with proteins. Nucleic acids perform many roles in the cell. They act as the store of genetic information (DNA), the genetic messenger and template for the synthesis of proteins (mRNA), the processing of mature spliced RNA (snRNA) and precisely processed RNA (snoRNA), as an enzyme (ribozymes, including peptidyl transferase activity of the ribosome) and even in the control of gene expression (miRNA species, and riboswitches).

Plant Sciences

Plants form the basis of life on Earth providing food to sustain human and animal life, as well as being exploited for natural products and medicine. They are essential to the atmosphere in fixing carbon and releasing oxygen. The importance of plant sciences to the world’s ecosystems is highlighted by the current concerns over climate change and fuel and food security.